Embracing The Early Arrival of Patio Season

With the arrival of spring, Edmontonians are eagerly embracing the early onset of patio season. The city's restaurants, pubs, and cafes have swiftly adapted to offer outdoor gathering spaces, providing a welcome respite from spending time solely indoors. This year, the Capital Region is teaming up with an array of delightful patios with unique ambiance and offerings. From heated and enclosed spaces to pet-friendly spots and Instagram-worthy settings, these outdoor patios cater to everyone's preferences, complemented by delectable food and refreshing drinks. 

Edmonton's dining establishments are patio pioneers and have demonstrated remarkable adaptability, quickly transforming their spaces to accommodate outdoor seating. By doing so, they have created inviting environments for patrons to savour the spring weather while enjoying the culinary delights that make the city's food scene so vibrant.

Great workarounds include heated and enclosed patios. Several patios have installed heating systems or created enclosed spaces to combat cooler temperatures. These cozy oases allow guests to revel in the fresh air while staying comfortably warm, making patio dining a year-round pleasure.

We don't want to forget our furry friends, either. Edmontonians and their furry companions, and many patios have embraced this by offering pet-friendly spaces. Now, you can enjoy a relaxing meal or catch up with friends without leaving your beloved four-legged friends behind.

Edmonton is known for its stunning River Valley, scenic views and fireside charm. Some fortunate patios can take advantage of their picturesque surroundings, providing spectacular views of the city skyline or nearby natural landscapes. Adding to the allure, you'll find patios adorned with cozy fire pits, perfect for gathering around as the evening sky paints a beautiful backdrop.

Instagram-Worthy Experiences! In an era driven by social media, it's no surprise that patios have become increasingly Instagrammable. From eye-catching aesthetics to unique design elements, these photogenic spaces invite patrons to capture and share memorable moments with their followers.

Edmonton's patio scene is not just about the ambiance but also about the exceptional food and drinks accompanying the outdoor experience. Culinary delights and thirst-quenching libations offered by local establishments have crafted enticing menus featuring a diverse range of cuisine, from global flavours to local delicacies. Pair your meal with refreshing cocktails, craft beers, or locally sourced wines, enhancing the overall enjoyment of patio dining.

As the patio season begins earlier this year, Edmontonians couldn't be more thrilled. The city's restaurants, pubs, and cafes have embraced the opportunity to provide delightful outdoor spaces for gathering, creating an inviting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy the spring weather. From heated and enclosed patios to pet-friendly retreats, scenic views, and Instagrammable settings, there is a patio to suit every taste. With mouthwatering food and thirst-quenching libations, Edmonton's patio scene is the perfect way to relish the outdoors and satisfy your culinary cravings.

So, grab your friends, loved ones, and furry companions, and embark on a patio-hopping adventure across the Capital Region. Indulge in the pleasures of al fresco dining, soak up the sun, and make lasting memories as you savour the unique experiences each patio offers. Cheers to an unforgettable patio season in Edmonton!